Why Sahitye Jeevanam?

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I am Trishna, a Literature and Film buff with a degree in Comparative Literature, currently living in India.

Sahitye Jeevanam

Adding meaning to life through a study of Literature

Having chased after academics, ranks, positions, promotions, money and recognition, my life philosophy now is to try to live a meaningful life. Where previously reading literature was a means of escaping into a world of imagination and fantasy, it is now a means for me to deeply understand the world around me now, the world that was and the world that could be.

साहित्येजीवनम् (Sahitye Jeevanam) has been created as a place to share articles and essays on reading and about Literature.

Why associate with Sahitye Jeevanam?

By associating with Sahitye Jeevanam you will get an opportunity to read posts on how to go about reading texts critically to discussions on literary texts from different genres of literature transcending periods and nations, hopefully with an aim to add meaning to some part of each of our lives.

You will definitely be delighted (or perhaps annoyed) to find a great deal of intermedial content on this website. However, kindly bear with me as this is still a project in its initial stages.

Now, let’s get started!

What is your education?

I attended the Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyala and completed a Bachelors in Engineering, specialising in Electronics and Communication Engineering, with Honours. This was followed by nearly seven years of association with Tata Consultancy Services where I worked in the automotive domain.

Fuelled by a desire to pursue my passion for Literature, I quit my job and took up online literary courses with University of Oxford’s Department of Continuing education and successfully completed five courses to earn 50CATS points.

Buoyed by the encouragement of my peers, tutors, family members and with a desire to absolutely devote myself to my passion, I went on to pursue a Masters in Comparative Literature at The University of Edinburgh and completed it with a Distinction.

What will I find on Sahitye Jeevanam?

  • Aid for critical reading and writing
  • Articles ranging from French Enlightenment, Russian, British to Indian Literature in English
  • Discussions on poetry, drama, novels and short stories
  • Links between Literature and Films

Join the journey:

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