Why Would Anyone Want to Read About You?

Most of us get up in the mornings, get ready, work, eat, maybe spend some time with our families, sleep and repeat the whole process again. Then why would anyone want to read about our ordinary lives?

What Makes You Pick Up a Book?

We tend to pick up books to satisfy our curiosity, seek an answer, get entertained and even escape. Our reasons for reading a book serve to fulfil some kind of need within us.

The Struggle for an Identity

Who am I? Am I symbolic of a class, ethnicity or race? Keep reading to find out how Amit Chaudhuri’s Odysseus Abroad will compel you to earnestly examine your constructed identity.

Not Much Maggie

I can have as much of it as I want. I still prepare it with…much care…still lick my plate after I finish eating. The only change is, there is no one now who smilingly asks me for just a little bit of Maggie–not much…

The Coloniser and the Colonised

Blurring Distinctions When Exclusives Come Together in The Last of The Mohicans Introduction The coloniser, irrespective of his homeland, comes with the feeling that he or she is superior to the colonised. This feeling stems from a pride in one’s history, culture, education and martial prowess and training. Therefore, it is not surprising that theContinue reading The Coloniser and the Colonised

Victoria Memoria Kolkata

Who Campaigned for Women’s Reforms in 19th Century India?

Were men from upper class, upper caste Hindu families the sole reformers campaigning for women’s reforms in India? What about men from other religions, classes and sections of society? What about female social reformers and muslim reformers? What part did the British play?

The Last of the Mohicans: Book Review

A thrilling tale winding through the wilderness of the American landscape, where the pursuer and the pursued keep changing places, seldom allowing the reader a moment of respite.

Depressed Women are Simply Hilarious

Research shows that unemployment might lead to a woman feeling entrapped. Ridiculous right? I mean, she has simply lost her income! She is after all just comfortably dependant on someone else for her needs! There is absolutely no explanation for why she could be feeling entrapped! Moreover, it is absolutely preposterous for her to feel humiliated. How could any woman feel humiliated by being reliant on social service, on the generosity of friends and caring and supportive family members?

The Will To Win

Hey there, Have you ever read a poem and felt energized or motivated to act, as if a tremendous force is coursing through your veins and compelling you to act? I read one such poem recently-“The Will To Win” by Brenton Braley. As a person struggling with consistency, confusion and failures on a daily basis,Continue reading “The Will To Win”


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