Bhakti Yoga Meaning

Want to know the meaning of Bhakti Yoga? Devotional songs, backbreaking asanas, renouncing the world? Read this article for definition, issues and practical ways to implement Bhakti Yoga in your life.

Victoria Memoria Kolkata

Who Campaigned for Women’s Reforms in 19th Century India?

Were men from upper class, upper caste Hindu families the sole reformers campaigning for women’s reforms in India? What about men from other religions, classes and sections of society? What about female social reformers and muslim reformers? What part did the British play?

The Last of the Mohicans: Book Review

A thrilling tale winding through the wilderness of the American landscape, where the pursuer and the pursued keep changing places, seldom allowing the reader a moment of respite.

Depressed Women are Simply Hilarious

Research shows that unemployment might lead to a woman feeling entrapped. Ridiculous right? I mean, she has simply lost her income! She is after all just comfortably dependant on someone else for her needs! There is absolutely no explanation for why she could be feeling entrapped! Moreover, it is absolutely preposterous for her to feel humiliated. How could any woman feel humiliated by being reliant on social service, on the generosity of friends and caring and supportive family members?

The Will To Win

Hey there, Have you ever read a poem and felt energized or motivated to act, as if a tremendous force is coursing through your veins and compelling you to act? I read one such poem recently-“The Will To Win” by Brenton Braley. As a person struggling with consistency, confusion and failures on a daily basis,Continue reading “The Will To Win”

A girl thoughtfully looking up at the sun symbolising a person who is thinking

Believing In The Biology of Belief

For those suspended between belief and disbelief, The Biology of Belief, is a book that will provide you with a wealth of knowledge, shake up some of your beliefs and leave you confused while being an entertaining companion.

Obsession With Charlotte Brontë’s Death

The abrupt close of a life that had such potential compels her readers to find some kind of explanation for why she had to suffer the loss of all her siblings and then her own life just when she had found bliss.

Book Review: Charlotte Brontë-A Fiery Heart

Charlotte Brontë A Fiery Heart by Harman will make you appreciate Charlotte Brontë even more if you have read her works. It will make you want to pursue her other works if you haven’t read them yet and if you have never read anything by the Brontë sisters before, you will feel compelled to read one as soon as possible.


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