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The Cabuliwallah

Published in 1892, a period in India that saw growing support for Hindu revivalism and restoration of caste hierarchies, The Cabuliwallah tells the story of a beautiful and innocent relationship between a young girl Mini and a tradesman from Kabul that surpasses caste, religion, language and age barriers.

-Tagore, Rabindranath. ” The Cabuliwallah.” Stories from Tagore, The Macmillan Company, 1918, The Project Gutenberg, 24 August 2010,

Charlotte Brontë

A Fiery Heart

Charlotte Brontë A Fiery Heart by Claire Harman will make you appreciate Charlotte Brontë even more if you have read her works. It will make you want to pursue her other works if you haven’t read them yet and if you have never read anything by the Brontë sisters before, you will feel compelled to read one as soon as possible.

Native American

The Last of the Mohicans

As a citizen of a country that was colonised by the British for nearly two-hundred years, I have grown up with the distinct idea that the colonisers, irrespective of their homeland, came with the feeling that they are superior to the colonised. However, this thrilling tale, where the action winds through the wilderness of the American landscape, where the pursuer and the pursued keep changing places, seldom allowing the reader a moment of respite, will force any reader with my perspective to closely look within.

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