Consider this quote:

“The summer of 1947 was not like other Indian summers. Even the weather had a different feel in India that year”.

Khushwant Singh, Train To Pakistan

What is your reaction when you read this quote?
Is it dull, confusing or may be ominous?

While all of these reactions are valid from your perspective, they cannot be considered as criticisms as they lack an analysis of the text. Here’s an example.

1947 is the year when India was partitioned into India and Pakistan and millions were brutally massacred on either side of the border. This is contextual information about the text. Having this contextual information allows readers to understand the gravity of the story that is about to unfold and gives a sense of dread because you expect the brutality of history to be reflected in the pages.

Also, the emphasis on the adverb “even” in “the weather had a different feel” lays importance on the fact that almost everything seemed to be behaving unnaturally in the country; politicians, army, neighbours, guardians and even friends.

Through such an analysis, you are evaluating the text like before, but also backing it up with evidence.

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