Depressed Women are Simply Hilarious

Research shows that unemployment might lead to a woman feeling entrapped. Ridiculous right? I mean, she has simply lost her income! She is after all just comfortably dependant on someone else for her needs! There is absolutely no explanation for why she could be feeling entrapped! Moreover, it is absolutely preposterous for her to feel humiliated. How could any woman feel humiliated by being reliant on social service, on the generosity of friends and caring and supportive family members?

What? Three People Conversing in My Head!

“I am a potato.” “My mind is buzzing with anxious thoughts all the time.”“The management and its useless meetings sends me through the roof every day.”“My life is in shambles!” “Fear has a strong grip over me.”“I desperately need someone to hold my hand.” Have you heard yourself say something similar in a state of despondency? IContinue reading “What? Three People Conversing in My Head!”