Bhakti Yoga Meaning

Want to know the meaning of Bhakti Yoga? Devotional songs, backbreaking asanas, renouncing the world? Read this article for definition, issues and practical ways to implement Bhakti Yoga in your life.

The Will To Win

Hey there, Have you ever read a poem and felt energized or motivated to act, as if a tremendous force is coursing through your veins and compelling you to act? I read one such poem recently-“The Will To Win” by Brenton Braley. As a person struggling with consistency, confusion and failures on a daily basis,Continue reading “The Will To Win”

I am Right and You are Wrong!

Think about the last time you visited a historical place. Were you familiar with its history or were you looking at and hearing about the place for the first time in your life? Below is a picture of the Taj Mahal. I am sure, even if you knew nothing about the historical significance of this monument,Continue reading “I am Right and You are Wrong!”