Book Review: Charlotte Brontë-A Fiery Heart

Charlotte Brontë A Fiery Heart by Harman will make you appreciate Charlotte Brontë even more if you have read her works. It will make you want to pursue her other works if you haven’t read them yet and if you have never read anything by the Brontë sisters before, you will feel compelled to read one as soon as possible.

Power and Conflict in Our Life

Insights from A Key Theme in An Inspector Calls Most of us, if not all, will wine about how we feel powerless in some aspects of our life. You see governments pushing for laws that aim to snatch away an individual’s right to free speech and you say, “What can I do about it? How canContinue reading “Power and Conflict in Our Life”

What? Three People Conversing in My Head!

“I am a potato.” “My mind is buzzing with anxious thoughts all the time.”“The management and its useless meetings sends me through the roof every day.”“My life is in shambles!” “Fear has a strong grip over me.”“I desperately need someone to hold my hand.” Have you heard yourself say something similar in a state of despondency? IContinue reading “What? Three People Conversing in My Head!”

I am Right and You are Wrong!

Think about the last time you visited a historical place. Were you familiar with its history or were you looking at and hearing about the place for the first time in your life? Below is a picture of the Taj Mahal. I am sure, even if you knew nothing about the historical significance of this monument,Continue reading “I am Right and You are Wrong!”

Book Club-Revisiting Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘The Cabuliwallah’

The late nineteenth century India, under the British Colonial rule, witnessed debates that sought to define nationalism, reform religion, revive the caste system or to seek liberation and education of women. Not remaining confined to the realm of politics and law, these debates found expression in literature through the works of writers such as RabindranathContinue reading “Book Club-Revisiting Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘The Cabuliwallah’”

What’s in a Book Review?

The main idea of a review is to give the readers a sense of how it would feel to read the novel and give them reasons why they should or should not read a novel.

Data to Digital Scholarship

When we think about market research, the economy, profit, sales it is easy for us to state what we mean by data. Most of us, if not all, visualise numbers when we think of data. However, data is so much more than merely numbers. How then do we define data in Humanities? If we startContinue reading “Data to Digital Scholarship”

Beginning to Read Critically

When does a reader know that the book they have picked up is a book they would want to read? At which point of our reading do we set expectations from a story that we are reading? When is it that our imagination kicks in and starts creating a pathway for the story that weContinue reading “Beginning to Read Critically”